Sichuan Plans Large WLAN Purchases This Year

The Sichuan provincial government has officially issued its wireless city working plan for 2011, stating that the province will invest CNY5 billion this year to build 9,600 3G network base stations.

The 2011 working plan includes the goals, key tasks, and safeguard measures for the wireless city construction across Sichuan province. For network construction, Sichuan will improve the width and capacity of its wireless city network, enhance the 3G network coverage of key areas, and expand the 3G network coverage to the township and county level. Meanwhile, Sichuan will focus on improving the WLAN coverage of business districts, transportation hubs, universities, hotels and office buildings.

For application system construction, the plan will focus on building six major wireless broadband application systems for integrated information service for the public, e-government, industrial manufacturing, economic services, tourism, and cultural life.

In addition, the plan has put forward specific demands on strengthening the network and information security, building a green network environment, and enhancing the capability of responding to network disasters.

To ensure the completion of the wireless city construction, Sichuan government has promised to make favorable policies to support the involved telecommunications enterprises in many fields such as financing and investment.

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