Chinese Manufacturer Launches Universal Power Bar

Huntkey, a Shenzhen-based manufacturer of electrical components, has launched a series of power bars called Universal Power Strip, which are designed to be used by both home or business users.

According to Alva Li, the company's global marketing manager, power strips complement notebook adapters and chargers, and Huntkey aim to provide users a good 'housekeeper' to ensure a safe environment and cost savings.

Huntkey "Universal" power strips have a number of compatible functions and a plug bush design, which can meet the connectivity needs of more than 240 countries or regions. Villa Li, Huntkey's product manager, says that compared with traditional power strips, this series does better in terms of safety, functionality and material selection. He added that there are four key technology applications in the Huntkey "Universal" power strip. These are: recoverable overload protection, the use of PC fire-retardant materials, intelligent master-slave control, and a USB Charging Function.

The "Universal" power strips use PC fire-retardant materials, which can withstand temperatures of up to 850-degrees Celsius.

Intelligent master-slave control ensures that when a host computer is shut down, other peripherals such as acoustic devices, fax machines, and typewriters will be automatically turned off at the same time. While the built in USB charging port provides a source for charging devices such as mobile phones and digital cameras without the need for a separate charger.

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