Dhgate.com To Invest CNY100 Million In Southern China's Sourcing Sector

Chinese business-to-business e-commerce website Dhgate.com has announced that it plans to invest CNY100 million to build its South China base in the next two years.

Prior to this, the website set up its South China headquarters in Shenzhen, where the company has nearly 200 employees. The Shenzhen office is Dhgate.com's first branch outside Beijing.

Wang Shutong, chief executive officer for Dhgate.com, told local media previously that its South China headquarters will have many functions, covering technology, training, customer service, and market expansion. Apart from providing services to its current vendors who are mostly small- and medium-sized enterprises, the new headquarters will offer in-depth support to larger foreign trade manufacturers.

Wang said a lot of foreign trade enterprises gather in South China and these are the most important clients of Dhgate.com. The reason for the website' establishment of a South China base is to better serve these enterprises. Wang also revealed that they plan to aid a batch of key export enterprises in South China and help them achieve rapid growth by providing services in platform operation, team building, customer services, and training.

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