IBM Chooses Beijing For Global Supply Chain Innovation Center

IBM's first supply chain innovation center has opened in Beijing.

"Helping companies transform and extend their supply chains in a globally integrated economy requires new thinking, new methods and new tools," said Sanjeev Nagrath, Global Leader, Supply Chain Management, IBM Global Business Services. "China, which is one of the fastest growing economies and a key link in global supply chains is an ideal place to locate our new innovation center to create solutions for companies in not only emerging markets, but anywhere in the world."

IBM's new Supply Chain Innovation Center in China's capital city will leverage the company's expertise in supply chain research, business consulting services, software capabilities and its own Integrated Supply Chain experience to create new solutions for companies around the world. The new innovation center was announced as part of the company's third worldwide Supply Chain Summit featuring senior executives from companies managing the world's leading supply chains.

Featuring dedicated supply chain researchers, the Beijing Supply Chain Innovation Center will collaborate with companies to develop innovative solutions such as the Supply Chain Virtual Command Center and the Carbon Tradeoff Modeler. In addition to creating new solutions, the center will showcase and leverage existing industry solutions to help companies expand and grow their integrated supply chain capabilities — advancing them on the supply chain maturity curve.

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