Xiamen Dell Factory To Be Outsource Hub For Taiwan Clients

Dell has announced that its plant in Xiamen will start providing desktop computers and related products to its clients in Taiwan, and the company promised to enlarge operating investment in Xiamen.

Jeff Clarke, vice chairman of Dell, told local media that Dell has effectively improved its supply chain and formed a logistics network with a cost advantage. These are the factors that promote its decision to make and sell mainland products to Taiwan.

Dell reportedly started to offer its full range of desktop products to consumers, medium- and small-sized enterprise, public utilities organizations, and large corporate customers in Taiwan from the end of November 2010. In addition, the company plans to supply server and storage products to Taiwan at the end of 2010.

Dell also signed an agreement with the municipal government of Xiamen and will settle its local brand in a new office building in the city. Some of Dell Xiamen's employees will move into the new office building in March 2011 to meet the demands of employee growth in its call center and related support departments.

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