Chinese Trade Unions Gain More Momentum On Salaries

The All China Federation of Trade Unions has announced that a system of collective consultation on salaries will be carried out by 2012 in all companies with established trade unions in China.

Qiao Chuanxiu, the vice chairman of ACFTU, stated that the implementation of collective consultation on salaries is an important measure for protecting workers' rights, developing harmonious labor relationships, motivating employee initiatives, and promoting sustainable enterprise development.

According to a representative of ACFTU, the establishment of the system of collective consultation on salaries will be made one of the conditions for enterprises to take part in various evaluations and accreditations. In addition, it will be included as part of the local economic development plan.

It is understood that by September 2009, 512,000 copies of collective contracts had been signed in China, which was an increase of 169,000 compared with the same period of 2007. These contracts have affected a total of 61.776 million employees.

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