More Beijing Restaurants See The Light With U-Tron LEDs

Beijing, China (June 29, 2010) / — Following the success of the recent installation of U-Tron's LED Helios and LED Comet lights at Tim's Texas Barbecue, three more restaurants in Beijing are enjoying the energy savings and environmental benefits of LED lighting from U-Tron. The three restaurants are, La Pizza Restaurant, Biteapitta, and Indian Kitchen; all of which are in popular dining and entertainment areas of Beijing's Chaoyang District.

At La Pizza Restaurant in the Solana development by Chaoyang Park, U-Tron installed two Helios E27 warm white lamps and two Comets MR16 Spotlights in warm white. Vittoria Zhang, the manager of La Pizza says that customers have commented favorably on the new lights and like the idea that the restaurant is helping to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions.

Biteapitta (Beijing Pitta Bakery) in the Tongli Building, in the Sanlitun nightlife district of Beijing is famed for its Middle Eastern style breads and snacks. Here U-Tron installed four Comet MR16 Spotlights in warm white. Avi at Biteapitta said, "The LED spotlights bring us two major advantages over the halogen lights we were using before. Firstly they run a lot cooler, which is an advantage when one is dealing with fresh foods. And secondly we expect them to last a lot longer, which means we will not have the constant hassle of swapping bulbs in awkward places."

At the popular Indian Kitchen restaurant in the north of Sanlitun U-Tron installed three LED Helios E27 warm white lights and two Comet MR16 Spotlights in warm white. General manager Movee D'souza is also very satisfied with the U-Tron LED lights. "When anyone asks about the LED lights I am very happy to recommend that they contact U-Tron." D'souza said.

About U-Tron's LED Helios and Comet Bulbs
The U-Tron LED Helios Series of E27 light bulbs uses high power LEDs to bring energy savings and a healthy light to your home or workplace. They can be easily retrofitted to virtually any lamp that uses E27 lamp holders, use on average a fifth of the power of an incandescent bulb and have a life span of up to 50,000 hours, the equivalent of up to 50 incandescent bulbs through out its life-span. They range in brightness from the equivalent of a 40-watt incandescent bulb to 100-watt equivalent.

U-Tron's MR16 Comet 3 light bulbs can be retrofitted to virtually any light fitting that takes a bulb with an MR16 base. They are ideal for display illumination and general lighting purposes. Unlike halogen bulbs they generate very little heat and no UV light. They are not sensitive to variations in voltage, which can cause early failure to halogen bulbs.

Both LED Helios and MR16 Comet 3 light bulbs are made from 100% recyclable materials, are virtually unbreakable in ordinary use, contain no toxic materials and are fully compliant with CE and RoHS standards.

About U-Tron
U-Tron (Beijing) Electronics Co. Ltd., was established in 1992 as a WOFE in Beijing, China. The company was 100% funded by investments from an American Company, China Business Associates. The main purpose was to bring U.S. developed technology products to China for manufacturing and localization. U-Tron has a 1,800 square meter factory employing 50 + people in the Beijing Development Area (BDA) of Yi Zhuang district. Website:

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