Nokia Siemens Networks' TD-LTE Lab Set Up In Hangzhou

Nokia Siemens Networks' new TD-LTE open lab has been set up in its research and development base in Hangzhou.

Its nationwide road show in China was launched at the same time last month to lay a foundation for the large-scale commercial use of its technology.

Nokia Siemens Networks' open lab will provide an end-to-end testing environment for verifying the compatibility of terminals and devices with the company's TD-LTE network products and solutions. The lab will also provide consultancy and testing services to device manufacturers.

Pan Bo, vice president for the network system department of Nokia Siemens Networks Greater China, told local media that from the communications perspective of Nokia Siemens Networks, to transfer from the mature 3G business to the TD-LTE technology is nearly zero cost. With the use of the TD-LTE technology, the current 3G technology will be greatly improved. For consumers, they can gain more services at the same price.

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