Haier Gains Big Pakistani Government Laptop Order

Chinese electronics and home appliances maker Haier Group gained an order of 100,000 laptops for Pakistan's Prime Minister Youth Programme.

Haier Group's contract with the Pakistani government to provide 100,000 laptops for the country's Prime Minister Youth Programme is valued at about CNY250 million. This program reportedly covers a period of five years.

The Prime Minister Youth Programme aims to expand student research areas and improve educational quality, as well as to provide a channel for undergraduate and graduate students to learn about information technologies. Nawaz Sharif, prime minister of Pakistan, said that he is very satisfied about the laptops supplied by Haier and he hopes that the students can put them to good use during their studies.

Apart from the purchase of laptops from Haier Group, Sharif also announced a Fee Reimbursement Scheme. With this scheme, Pakistan's 40,000 students will gain PKR100,000, which is about CNY6,318, financial aid each year.

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