China: Ningbo Manufacturer Warns of Potentially Hazardous Current Tap

Ningbo Shengye Electric Appliance Company has issued a notice notifying consumers and retailers that a current tap, model number FSA-04H, manufactured by the company and sold in Canada, might present a potential shock hazard.

The company states that some its current tap model No. FSA-04H, of which 2,500 units were manufactured on March 18, 2009, were mis-wired and pose a shock hazard. The following information is molded into the product, "TPYE: FSA-04H; RATING: 125V~15A; E218319."

Ningbo Shengye Electronic Appliance Company, advises that consumers in should stop using the device and contact the company toll free at 1-888-576-6643, or through its website:

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