IGI To Certify Diamonds At Shanghai World Expo 2010

The International Gemological Institute will participate in Shanghai World Expo 2010 by certifying diamond jewelry for sale at the Belgium pavilion.

According to Roland Lorie, the IGI CEO, the Belgium pavilion will host 50,000 visitors a day who will have the chance to buy diamonds cut and polished in Antwerp, the world diamond center in Belgium, and set by Belgium's Royal Court-appointed jeweler. Lorie added that the jewelery sold at the shop at the Diamond Exhibition Corner will be accompanied by an IGI Identification Certificate providing complete details on the quality of the diamonds — thus giving consumers full confidence in what they are buying.

Lorie also pointed out that IGI has been promoting international standards in gem grading and certification in China for over 10 years. World Expo 2010 is another important step in that educational effort especially since China had emerged as the world's second largest diamond market by consumption in 2009 and consumers increasingly sought more accurate and detailed information on what they are buying.

With over 180 countries, 230 pavilions, and 70 million visitors expected over its six-month run, the world exposition will be the largest ever.

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