China Pilots Energy Labeling For Doors And Windows

Guangdong province will certify door and window products by matching their energy-conservation characteristics to their proposed application.

According to an official from the Guangzhou Construction Committee, the door and window energy performance labeling system will examine the energy-conservation indexes of the products such as heat transfer coefficient and shading coefficient by means of unified testing or simulation methods, and labels with these indexes will then be affixed to the products.

China commenced work in this area in 2002. In December 2006, the Ministry of Construction issued a notice on the management of pilot tests for door and window energy-conservation labeling, and Guangdong is among the four pilot provinces to promote the system.

The system is voluntary for enterprises. Certified door and window manufacturers can use the energy performance label on their products, packaging, instructions, and advertising material.

The system is not only intended to encourage manufacturers to optimize their product designs, but also to offer a technical basis for users and designers to choose products. It is also expected to boost the development of energy saving technology for buildings, and improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

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