GreenChek Expands ERD Manufacturing To China

GreenChek Technologies Inc., a provider of hydrogen fuel cell technology for commercial transportation and stationary power generation applications, has announced that Tianjin Sherma has committed a 400-square-meter-facility in Tianjin, for the manufacture of GreenChek's energy recovery device technology.

It is anticipated that the new manufacturing plant will be operational in eight weeks.

The company's management and its engineering team have determined the production capacity for the facility to be 1,050 units per production line per month. At current prices, this translates into roughly USD50.4 million dollars in annual revenue per production line, at full capacity.

This step in the strategic plan is designed to move GreenChek rapidly towards becoming a dominant player in emission reduction technology. GreenChek is confident that given its projected sales forecast and marketing initiative in North America, combined with its growing network in Europe, that it is uniquely positioned to benefit from the combination of steadily increasing costs of traditional energy sources and the global demand to drastically reduce emissions.

GreenChek manufactures and distributes hydrogen injection technology which is primarily focused on mobile transportation applications, as well as stationary power generation applications.

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