GE And SGS-CSTC Open NDT Center In Shanghai

GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies and SGS-CSTC, a Chinese joint venture formed by SGS group, are collaborating on a joint non-destructive testing application center in Shanghai.

Non-destructive testing plays an important role in quality control in China, specifically in welding and industrial parts, and the safety assurance of pressure vessels and pipelines. It is used in a wide range of industries, including metallurgy, oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, and transportation. With increasingly elevated requirements of quality, efficiency and safety in China, the market demand for NDT products and service is growing.

GE's technology has been combined with SGS's NDT training center and service capabilities to provide Chinese customers with inspection services and training. The partners will also work together to help facilitate the upgrading of certain Chinese NDT standards.

The joint application center is located in Kongqiao Industrial Zone in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai, and is equipped with GENDT technology, including ultrasonic flaw detectors, eddy current flaw detectors, spot-welding detectors, X-ray real-time inspection systems and digital inspection systems, computed-radiography systems, and microfocus X-ray systems.

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