Gulf Resources Launches New Corporate Website

Gulf Resources — a Chinese manufacturer of bromine, crude salt, and specialty chemical products — has launched a new website under the domain name — replacing its old website at

Ming Yang,the CEO of Gulf Resources said that he hoped the new website would develop into a portal for their customers, business partners, and investors looking for insight into Gulf Resources and the bromine and specialty chemicals industry. He added that by frequently updating the content, the company would ensure that all parties were effectively informed about new company developments and information on the speciality chemicals industry.

The new website includes updated company information, such as information on manufacturing facilities, resources, products, and sales network, as well as industry information. The website also includes a section dedicated to investor relations. The updated look and structure are designed to facilitate information gathering, to support new features, and to enhance the user experience. The content is currently available in English, but the Company plans to introduce a Chinese version of the website within the next few months.

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