Alibaba Announces Board Of Directors Adjustment

Chinese B2B e-commerce giant Alibaba has recently published a report on several adjustments in its board of directors.

The adjustments include Andrew Tsuei, former non-executive director for Alibaba, will be independent non-executive director for the company; Guan Mingsheng will be Alibaba's independent non-executive director and replaces Long Yongtu to be member of the audit committee and the nominating committee of Alibaba; Long will stay in the company as independent non-executive director; and Simon Xie will depart from his position as executive director of Alibaba.

After these adjustments, Alibaba's board of directors is still formed by 13 members, including five independent non-executive directors.

At present, Alibaba's board of directors includes chairman and non-executive director Jack Ma; executive directors David Wei, Maggie Wu, Trudy Dai and Sabrina Peng; non-executive directors Joseph Tsai, Andrew Tsuei, Rose Tsou and Satoshi Okada; and independent non-executive directors Long Yongtu, Niu Gensheng, Walter Kwauk and Guan Mingsheng.

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