Hong Kong Environment Group: Christmas Lamps Unfriendly To Environment

Thinking of sourcing your Christmas decorations in China? Make sure you get eco-friendly bulbs or else environmental groups might single you out.

A survey released by a Hong Kong environment group shows that the Christmas lamp decorations of 17 buildings at the Victoria Harbor and the East Tsim Sha Tsui are unfriendly to the environment as they will produce more than 400 tons of carbon dioxide by using more than 85,000 traditional incandescence bulbs.

Dr. Yau Wing Kwong, chairperson of Tai Po Environmental Association, told local media that this amount of carbon dioxide equals the emissions of 1600 double-decker buses and it can increase the greenhouse effect. Dr. Yau encourages people to use energy-saving lamps at home.

TPEA held an event on December 21, calling on citizens to celebrate Christmas with low carbon dioxide emissions. Dr. Yau says that Christmas lamps can create the festive atmosphere, but people should try their best to decrease the harm done to the environment while celebrating the festival.

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