Alibaba Extends Internet B2B Reach With Chinese Budget Hotel Deal

Chinese e-commerce giant will cooperate with the budget hotel chain Home Inns to promote Alibaba's Winport product.

With the cooperation, Alibaba will extend the coverage of its Winport product to Home Inn's members of over 400 hotels in about 90 cities in China. During the cooperative period, Alibaba will freely offer a one-year access of its corporate website product Winport with a market price of CNY980 to Home Inn's new small and medium enterprise clients. At the same time, Alibaba will open a convenient registration channel for these members. Any SME customer that stays in a Home Inns location and applies for the hotel's membership card will gain a free Winport ID.

The foundation of this cooperation between Alibaba and Home Inns is the overlapping of their customer groups and the two sides will further cooperate in the channel sector in the future. As the merger of industries has become an important trend for the future economic development, Alibaba has taken to establishing an e-commerce eco-industrial chain as one of its strategies and the company may include more enterprises that come from different industries in its cooperation list in the future.

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