Datang Inks Deals With Alcatel Shanghai Bell

Alcatel Shanghai Bell and Datang Mobile have jointly announced that the two sides signed a cooperation agreement to promote the commercial development of TD-SCDMA in China and overseas.

According to the agreement, the two companies will set up a joint group, make an overall strategy, create resources and manufacturing infrastructure and cooperate in developing standard manufacturing, quality controls and testing procedures to meet the future demand for TD-SCDMA in China and around the world. As a part of the cooperation, the two sides will share relevant documents on manufacturing, techniques, testing and quality control.

By the rules of the agreement, Alcatel Shanghai Bell and Datang Mobile will further sign detailed corporation agreements in production cooperation and in the TD-SCDMA market. In domestic Chinese TD-SCDMA market, Alcatel Shanghai Bell will be the privileged partner of Datang Mobile and the two companies will jointly bid on key projects.

Xie Yongbin, president of Datang Mobile, says that Datang Mobile has committed to the innovations of TD-SCDMA technologies and products. Datang Mobile will maintain a strategic partnership with Alcatel Shanghai Bell and to further promote the commercial expansion and market development of TD-SCDMA. Olivia Qiu, president of Alcatel Shanghai Bell, says TD-SCDMA is a promising technology and the company is eager to promote its commercial deployment in China. The cooperation with Datang Mobile will strengthen Alcatel Shanghai Bell's position in the 3G sector and further enhance its leadership in China's mobile communications market.

Datang Mobile and Alcatel Shanghai Bell have had a long-standing cooperation. In November 2004, the two companies signed a strategic agreement to jointly develop TD-SCDMA products in China. In April 2005, they jointly demonstrated their end-to-end TD-SCDMA solutions at the 2005 International TD-SCDMA Summit.

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