China DRA Passes Technical Evaluation For Blu-ray Disc Format

The Blu-ray Disc Association has announced that DigiRise DRA digital audio coding technology has passed an important technical evaluation.

This represents a key milestone for a locally-developed Chinese technology to be potentially adopted for Blu-ray Disc format. This milestone is the result of work by engineers in the Audio Codec Evaluation Technical Task Force under the BDA's Joint Technical Committee, and close collaboration with China Hualu Group and DigiRise Technology Ltd.

"We are very happy that DRA, an original Chinese audio coding technology, has passed the BDA technical evaluation. The BDA is now taking final steps to formally adopt DRA as part of the format. The BDA is always open to such discussions and evaluations in its pursuit to creating the best format possible," said Sumitaka Matsumura, chairman of the BDA China Task Force. The testing process strictly followed BDA's worldwide evaluation standards where contributions came from all major vendors in the value chain, including key hardware manufacturers and content providers.

"We are very happy to learn that DRA technology has passed the technical evaluation step in BDA, as this result paves the path for DRA technology to be adopted by the Blu-ray Disc format," said Songhe Yin, vice president of China Hualu Group. "We will continue to work closely with BDA in order to complete the remaining procedures and ensure that DRA technology will be adopted by the Blu-ray Disc format as soon as possible. This creates the ideal condition for DRA technology to be adopted by the market."

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