Hong Kong Company Claims First HDMI Integrated LED Processor For True HD

Lighthouse Technologies, an LED display solution provider, has announced an HDMI Integrated LED Processor for True HD image reproduction, the LIP-HD.

Lighthouse Technologies claims that it is the first LED display provider in the world to offer such a processor and says that the LIP-HD Processor simplifies connectivity and diversifies and expands the potential for LED display solutions. They add that bringing HD content to LED displays will allow their customers to formulate new and creative LED-based applications.

By using Lighthouse's LIP-HD, customers will have the ability to link up an HDTV, HD camcorder, Blu-ray player, or any other HD device to an LED display. With support for 1080 pixel Full HD resolution and enhanced 12-bit deep color depth, the LIP-HD processor allows for larger displays with ultra-deep color in both indoor and outdoor applications.

The processor is said to be certified to meet the exacting HDMI 1.3 standards for the deepest color reproduction, and to be HDCP compatible, allowing users to play video that requires this standard. Lighthouse also say it provides excellent source flexibility, and is able to receive and transmit video at a variety of resolutions from VGA (640×480) up to the 1080 pixel Full HD standard, ensuring the highest level of device compatibility.

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