Proposals On Reduction Of Excessive Packaging In China

The China Consumers' Association, China General Chamber of Commerce, China National Light Industry Council, the China Packaging Federation, and the China Health Care Association have jointly proposed that manufacturers and operators should cooperate with consumers to reduce excessive packaging.

According to the proposal product manufacturers should consciously avoid excessive packaging and offer genuine goods at a fair price to consumers. Packaging enterprises should develop new materials and technologies that are easy to recycle and conserve resources. Consumers should actively pursue rational and green consumption by rejecting excessively packaged products.

Health care products, moon cakes, tea, and cosmetics are among the sectors with the most excessive packaging according to the China Consumers' Association. Surveys show that 78.8% of consumers are against excessive packaging and 69.3% believe it infringes their legitimate rights and interests.

According to the China Packaging Federation, there are some easy ways to judge whether packaging is excessive or not. First, for excessively packaged products the volume of packaging is frequently greater than the volume of the product itself; second, these products usually use high-grade packaging materials such as wood, cloth, or metal; third, the decorations on such products are often luxurious making the price higher than necessary.

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