Shanxi Province Issues Industrial Enterprise CSR Guide

The Shanxi Province Industrial Enterprise Corporate Social Responsibility Guide press conference and CSR Forum were recently held in Taiyuan, Shanxi.

The new guide is jointly formulated by associations of coal, steel, electricity, mining, nonferrous metals, building materials and medicine industries, aiming at realizing the sustainable development of enterprises, the society and environment. As the guide points out, corporate social responsibilities mainly cover six aspects: promote economic development and enhance social wealth; increase shareholders' interests and protect creditors' interests; be honest and trustworthy and protect interests of consumers; conserve resources and protect ecological environment; guarantee production safety and safeguard employees' interests; support public welfare undertakings.

Provincial leaders agreed that the guide will help industrial enterprises further fulfill their respective social responsibility. They should focus not only on economic benefits, but safety, energy conservation and environmental protection, to build a harmonious society.

Wang Fengbin, party secretary of Antai Group, says after the Sichuan earthquake, people are paying more attention to social responsibility of entrepreneurs. Wang says entrepreneurs, however, should take everything into account including profit maximization of enterprises, interests of partners and employees and ecological environment.

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