B&Q Counter Claims For CNY480,000

On the grounds of infringement of honor right, B&Q has sued Shenzhen Jonhot Industrial Corporation and its general manager, the initiators of an anti-B&Q action, for compensation of CNY480,000.

In November 2007, four South China cabinet suppliers, including Langting, Hestia, Booroo and Shenzhen Jonhot's Hanex, jointly announced that since 2004, their payment for goods had been deducted by B&Q without any excuse and the total deducted amount has been over CNY116 million. Therefore, they decided to stop supplying goods to B&Q until the arrears were paid off. Not long after that, Shenzhen Jonhot Industrial Corporation and its general manager Hu Wenquan set up anti-B&Q blogs to accuse the high-handed approaches of B&Q.

In regards to this accusation, B&Q says that the arrears and mandatory contracts were fabricated by the anti-B&Q union and had done great harm to the honor of the company. Therefore, B&Q requests for apologies from Shenzhen Jonhot Industrial Corporation and and asked them to pay CNY480,000 to make up its economic losses.

However, Ma Yi, Hu Wenquan the lawyer representing Hu Wenquan, says that B&Q's high-handed approaches such as deducting payments are already known to the outside world, so the accusation will not affect the reputation of B&Q.

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