Nongfu Spring Plans To Build Factory In Earthquake Disaster Areas

Zhong Shanshan, president of Nongfu Spring, told First Financial Daily that to support the earthquake relief of the disaster areas in Sichuan, Nongfu Spring will invest RMB300 million to build a mineral water factory in these areas.

After the earthquake hit Wenchuan, Sichuan Province, Nongfu Spring donated goods such as mineral water and juice with a total value of RMB17 million. In addition, Zhong went to the disaster areas on May 16 to coordinate the distribution of supplies along with his secretary Zhou Li and investigated the water sources of Beichuan and Yingxiu.

Zhong introduced that there are often good water sources around earthquake zones. With a RMB300 million investment, the new factory will employ 300 employees from the disaster areas. If the supply of the water sources is more than 5,000 cubic meters each day, more money will be put into this program.

In regards to the site selection, Nongfu Spring's new factory will be located in an empty and flat area. All the factory buildings will be constructed on a steel structure to ensure their stability.

At present, the company has four big water resources at Qiandao Lake; Danjiangkou in Hubei Province; Wanlv Lake in Guangdong Province; and Changbai Mountain.

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