Fairchild Semiconductor's New Suzhou Center Offers Improved Delivery Efficiency

Fairchild Semiconductor has opened a regional fulfillment center in the Suzhou Logistics Center, a free trade zone that allows direct shipments from Fairchild to China-based customers.

The regional fulfillment center also provides a more environmentally friendly, energy efficient supply chain, by reducing total transportation fuel requirements that will result in shorter cycle times.

Fairchild's 1,000 square meters, fully bonded warehouse with temperature and humidity control segregates inventory and transactions as well as activities and shipments and material from Fairchild's manufacturing facility for delivery to local customers in China, and throughout the world. In addition to managing delivery of products from Fairchild's direct facilities, the company can also manage the subcontractor activities; products built by local companies can also be shipped directly to local and worldwide customers through the new fulfillment center.

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