China Reduces Tariff For Imported Electronics

The Economic Operation Division of China's Ministry of Information Industry has reduced the tariff rate of some of imported electronic products following the implementation of the zero tariff for 256 products on January 1, 2005.

Bao Fusuo, director of EOD, said that the tariff adjustment is to promote enterprises' innovations. He said that the lowering of tariff for such electronic materials as polycrystalline silicon and laser chips is to coordinate with the industry structure adjustment, trade balance and in support of the production of high-tech electronics.

About 83 kinds of products have been involved in the adjustment. The temporary tariff rate for these products is to be over 100% lower than the stated most favored nation tax rate for 2008. Among them, the custom rate of eight kinds of products, including computer components and ultrasonic cleaning installation for flat panel displays, have been made zero.

However, Bao has not disclosed which Chinese enterprises will be affected by this tariff adjustment.

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