Manufacturers Still Using Old Standard For Mobile Phone Battery

As mobile phones use more battery power with their increased functions, the requirements for battery capacity are also growing.

Batteries with large capacities and long lifespans are now widely used, but new inspection standards in connection with lithium battery have not been fully issued in China.

At the same time, new thermal impact temperature tests have not been ratified. In the past, lithium battery capacity was small and the energy density was low, but with the development of mobile phones, the capacity of batteries have become larger, so the testing standards need to be improved.

In 2003, MII released YD1268-2003, the safety specification and testing method for lithium batteries and chargers, which changes the thermal impact temperature to reflect the new batteries then. However, the new standard, which was expected to be launched in September 2005, has not yet been formalized. At present, both battery manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers use the old thermal impact temperature and this standard is also used in the design, production, quality control and purchase of batteries.

A representative from Amoi has told local media that when purchasing lithium batteries, the company will test according to the stated industrial standard to make sure all the batteries are qualified.

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