Did China Lose A Major Mobile Phone Manufacturer To India?

Apple's China-based supplier Foxconn will sign an agreement with the Indian government to build an iPhone factory in the country, according to reports in Indian local media.

Apple and Foxconn had reportedly narrowed down their site selection to Maharashtra. After considering several locations, Foxconn reportedly intends to buy a 1,200-hectare area in Maharashtra. The new plant will be fully used for making iPhones and it is expected to put into formal production in about 18 months.

In addition, Foxconn plans to build ten to twelve factories in India before the end of 2020.

Foxconn previously had a manufacturing plant for Nokia mobile phones in India; however, the company closed this factory in 2014 after losing the client.

India has strict policies about retail stores opened by foreign companies, but the government relaxed the restrictions over the past few years. Due to its cutting-edge technologies, Apple has been allowed to open retail stores in India; however, the Indian government still rejected Apple's plan of selling used iPhones in the country.

Apart from retail and manufacturing facilities, Apple will also establish a research and development center in Hyderabad. With an investment of USD25 million, the R&D center will start construction later this year and it will be able to accommodate 150 employees on its completion.

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