Samsung SDI To Build Polaroid Film Plant In China

Samsung SDI has signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Wuxi to build a polaroid film plant in China.

Located in a Wuxi industrial park, Samsung SDI's new plant will produce 30 million to 40 million square meter polaroid films on an annual basis. This plant is expected to start volume production at the end of 2016. Its production capacity equals to the production of 30 million 48-inch LCD TVs annually.

Polaroid film is attached to the sides of LCD panel. It can adjust pixels and brightness of a screen to reflect the true colors. It is a core material for various display products, including LCD TV, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

At present, Samsung SDI has three polaroid film product lines under operation. However, with the increasing demands for polaroid film for large TVs in China, the company decided to build its second plant in China.

A representative from Samsung SDI revealed that the new plant will realize supply to the Chinese market at the end of 2016, which will further improve the global competitiveness of the company.

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