Shuanghui Will Double Meat Sales Channels Over Next Five Years

The meat processor Shuanghui plans to double its sales channels in the next five years, and the company will use both its own platform and deals with partners for e-commerce distribution of its products.

Shuanghui is currently discussing with well-known Chinese e-commerce platforms about cooperating solutions, according to reports in Chinese local media. By opening flagship stores on websites like Tmall, Yhd, and Taobao, the company aims to enhance market penetration and realize the full coverage of online and offline terminals for its meat products.

At the same time, Shuanghui is investigating and preparing for a self-built sales network platform, which is positioned as a professional food ingredients e-commerce platform. The company plans to establish a new subsidiary to focus on the e-commerce business.

The company said that over the next five years, they plan to add over 10,000 sites for fresh products, including 8,000 franchised store channels, 300 supermarket channels, 500 farmers market channels, and 1,200 food processing factory channels. By the end of 2020, the total number of its fresh product sales network is expected to reach over 100,000.

For its meat product channel, Shuanghui currently has about 600,000 sales sites and the company plans to increase more than 100,000 new sites each year. By the end of 2020, its total meat product sales networks will be over 1.3 million, covering all terminals from online to offline.

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