CEC GreatWall Energy Seeks Expansion Funding

CEC GreatWall Energy will raise over USD87 million dollars to fund the procurement and construction of multiple rooftop and ground mounted solar plants across the Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces, subject to the government final approvals.

The projects will add a combined capacity of 60 megawatts of solar power generation across central and eastern China and will utilize a mixture of Satcon PowerGate Plus and the recently introduced Satcon Galaxy Series inverter solutions.

The solar power plants will be a part of China's National Energy Administration's "12th 5-Year Plan" for the Development of Renewable Energy Resources. This newly announced program would increase distributed PV power generation capacity in the Central and Eastern parts of China to 10GW for local power supply by 2020.

Satcon Galaxy Series central inverters reportedly deliver a combination of 98.6% peak efficiency and low installed cost to enable the industry's lowest Levelized Cost of Energy.

CEC GreatWall Energy is a division of China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Company Ltd., which is a subsidiary of China Electronics Corporation. The company acquired Satcon assets in 2013.

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