Mitsubishi Motors Begins Pajero Sport Midsize SUV Production In China

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announced commencement of production and sales of the Pajero Sport midsize SUV at GAC Mitsubishi Motors Company Ltd., which produces and sells MMC cars in China.

After its founding and start of operation in September 2012, GMMC commenced production of the ASX compact SUV. To meet highly growing demand for SUVs in the Chinese automobile market and expand sales, GMMC has now bolstered its lineup with the off-road SUV Pajero Sport.

MMC made the concentration of business resources in emerging markets a major strategic pillar of its JUMP 2013 mid-term business plan which the company announced in January of 2011. MMC says it will work to strengthen its operations in the world's largest automobile market by improving and firmly cementing the Mitsubishi Motors brand with production and sales of products that meet the varying needs of Chinese consumers.

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