Mobile Big Data Firm Signs Chinese JV Agreement

U.S.-based mobile big data company Engage Mobility Inc. has signed a joint venture deal in China for expanded presence in the country.

Engage reached an agreement with Xinhua Ruide Technology Company Ltd. and Shenzhen Zhichengxin Equity Investment Fund Management Ltd. for the establishment of a joint venture to roll out a Chinese version of the Engage Mobile Engagement System by the end of 2013.

Engage will launch a mobile augmented reality, cloud based video and big data platform throughout China. A formal memorandum of understanding was executed by the parties on October 1, providing for a roll out of the Chinese platform within 90 days, subject to execution of final agreements, which is to take place in Beijing on November 6.

Xinhua is a subsidiary of Datang Telecom Technology Company Ltd.

Neither financial terms of the joint venture, nor the all-important specific details of the type of scope of business the new JV will undertake were revealed by the companies.

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