TV Chip Merger Stuck On Chinese Regulatory Permission

Though already approved by the South Korean government, the merger and integration of MediaTek and MStar is still pending the approval of the Chinese government, according to reports in Taiwanese local media.

The two companies have therefore announced plans to postpone their merger again by three months to August 1, 2013.

MediaTek and MStar's market share in the TV chip sector will be too large after the merger and integration, so this is perhaps a worry for the Chinese government.

The South Korean government granted its approval on March 13, 2013. Conditions requested by the government included no supply interruption for clients of both companies and no price monopoly.

Ku Ta-wei, chief financial officer of MediaTek, said that the approval of the South Korean government marks a major step for the merger and they are now waiting for China's approval. Since the procedures for the two countries are independent, it does not mean China will give the same positive reply.

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