Sony Juggles Top China Chiefs

Sony China has announced that Nobuki Kurita, president for Sony Marketing (Japan), has become the new president for Sony China, replacing Haruyasu Nagata who will be transferred back to the headquarters of the Japanese company.

A representative from Sony China told local media that this executive change will not affect Sony's long-term strategy in China.

During the term of office of Haruyasu Nagata, the deeply localized operation in China was a highlight for his leadership. For example, he used the "English plus Chinese brand name" format to replace the previously-used solely English name to improve the recognition of local customers during Sony's promotion in third- and fourth-tier cities in China.

The newly appointed China president Nobuki Kurita is formerly president for Sony Marketing (Japan). He previously led Sony's consumer electronics business in countries like Singapore, Mexico, the U.S., and Japan. Nobuki Kurita said that he will further improve the strategic position of Sony China and enhance the company's localized operation in the country.

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