China Telecom Sources Nokia Phones For Mobile Promotions

A representative from the mobile device management center of China Telecom revealed to the local media that China Telecom will soon introduce several Nokia Windows Phone-based products, including the Lumia 800.

The products introduction will be reportedly completed during March and April 2012, and three Nokia products will be available to Chinese users. With this introduction, China Telecom's CDMA version Lumia 800 will become the first Nokia Windows Phone smartphone launched in China.

Apart from this popular Lumia 800, China Telecom also plans to introduce Nokia's products with prices around CNY1,000. So far, Nokia has launched four products for its Lumia series, including Lumia 710, Lumia 800, Lumia 900, and the latest released Lumia 610.

China Telecom will not introduce these Lumia smartphones at the same time. In addition, on the completion of the introduction, China Telecom will announce related device subsidy programs for consumers.

The representative said that the introduction of Nokia Lumia products is the company's key measure in the mobile device customization sector, following the lowering of package threshold for CDMA version iPhone 4S and the launch of the new youth-oriented Flying Young brand.

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