China's First Key PV Lab To Be In Baoding

Baoding-based photovoltaic product manufacturer Yingli Green has received approval from China's Ministry of Science and Technology to establish the first national-level key laboratory in the field of PV technology development.

The State Key Laboratory will be established with the mission of driving the development of world-class PV technology in China. Yingli Green Energy expects to enjoy priority rights to commercialize technologies developed in the laboratory on the company's production lines. The laboratory, as an independent research entity, has had the support of Baoding Yingli Group Company Limited, an affiliate of the company, throughout the application process to satisfy relevant application criteria.

Liansheng Miao, the chairman and chief executive officer of Yingli Green Energy commented the company believes that technological innovation is essential to their position as a global leader in sustainable energy solutions and is key to the quality and cost structure of their products. He added that he believed that the laboratory has the potential to positively contribute to the development of the PV industry and act as a center for academic and professional training.

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