Chinese University Looks To Low-carbon Economy

Peking University and Beijing Development Area Company have jointly announced they will establish an upscale low-carbon industrial park research and development center in Beijing to act as a benchmark for the development and construction of upscale low-carbon industrial parks as well as the setting of relevant standards.

According to Zhou Shiyi, the president of BDAC, Peking University's Complex System Lab will provide technology support to the center and will carry out forward-looking research and experimentation on the planning, designing, developing, constructing and property management of high-end industry parks with the aim of realizing low energy consumption, low pollution, and low emission, creating a core standard for China's upscale low-carbon industrial parks and guiding the development of the industry.

This is the first time that Peking University has reportedly ever joined forces with an enterprise in setting up a low-carbon industrial park research organization.

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