SORL Auto Parts Expects 30% Export Sales Growth In 2010

China-based SORL Auto Parts, a manufacturer and distributor of commercial vehicle air brake systems as well as related auto parts, has said that it has hosted foreign delegations from Brazil, India, Russia, and the USA in recent weeks to tour its factory.

The U.S. delegation was received by officials of the Chinese State Council and toured SORL's facilities. The U.S. delegation was led by Kevin A. Wolff, the commissioner of Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas and mainly consisted of government officials and members of global corporations. SORL reports that the foreign delegations expressed their favorable impressions regarding the production scale and advanced technology at SORL's factory.

SORL's vice president and general manager of international trade Yu Jinrui, stated that these recent foreign visits indicated that the global auto parts market has started to regain its vitality as overseas customer confidence is gradually picking up. She added that the interest shown by these potential global customers makes SORL believe that its export sales will grow approximately 30% in 2010 compared with 2009 results.

Xiaoping Zhang, the chairman and CEO of SORL, added that as the recovery in the global export markets continues, the company is implementing new strategic measures to maintain its export growth momentum. He said that in 2010, they planned to increase their participation in various international trade shows to present more advanced braking products to potential foreign customers.

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