China's Offers Alternative B2B Services

Beijing-based textiles import and export trading platform,, is offering itself as a more effective alternative to established B2B websites such as Alibaba and Global Sources websites.

TexSources states that it makes each step of the buying process more efficient for textile purchasers, without changing their purchasing processes. TexSources is said to provide more than 2,000 standardized textiles inquiry tools, which allow the buyer to initiate the inquiry process online by filling out a request for quotes and attaching files giving their requirements. Global suppliers can then the check the request for quotation information and make quotes online. Buyers only have to compare quotes and look through the verified suppliers' profiles, from which they can learn about the relevant certifications and business credibility of the suppliers.

The TexSources website provides a series of bundled services, including a 24-hour global call service center, total tracing of RFQ information, recommendation of high quality suppliers, intellectual property right protection for RFQ information, translation of trading information and related files, and invitations for global purchasers to China for face-to-face communication. All of these services are currently being offered free of charge to buyers.

For textile suppliers, TexSources says that it can reduce their marketing costs and the cost of handling RFQ. Furthermore the company states that its business model is not a pursuit of the highest number of suppliers or click-throughs, but is focused on maintaining the commercial integrity of both sides.

According to data from TexSources, as at October 2009 it had more than 250,000 buyers, and processed more than 5,000 RFQs everyday.

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  1. those sites like alibaba and globalsources and dhgate need more competition!!! too many fraud on those sites and they have no good customer services.

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