CROs To Keep Express Customs Status During Shanghai Expo

The contract research organization Sundia Meditech has been addressing concerns that the Shanghai 2010 World Expo may have an impact on the customs clearance status of CROs, especially CROs in the Shanghai area.

In response to client's concerns that the speed of customs clearance of import and export goods would be slowed down significantly during the Shanghai Expo Sundia reports that they have had discussions with the Express Consignments Supervision Section of Shanghai Customs.

For the CRO industry, the timing of shipments is critical for successful company operations; and, since June 2009, Shanghai Customs have implemented an Express Customs Clearance service on a trial basis to speed up the customs clearance processes for three CRO companies: including Sundia.

According to Zhengrong Wei, the logistics manager of Sundia Meditech, the customs clearance time for Sundia's CRO shipments has been shortened to one day on average and even during the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, there will not be a big change for the custom clearance speed for both import and export goods of Sundia.

Shanghai Pudong Customs are reported as saying that they will increase the checks on Expo-related cargos and goods to ensure a secure and efficient Expo customs clearance process; at the same time, they will make sure that the customs clearance speed will not be affected for companies in the Express Custom Clearance trial program.

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