Beijing Trials Online Business Registration

Companies wishing to start a new business in Beijing now have a streamlined online approval process to assist them through the troublesome procedures.

The government of Chaoyang district in Beijing has announced the launch of its online approval system to simplify the approval process and shorten the approval period of new business licenses.

In 2003, Chaoyang district was designated as a pilot area for the citywide online administrative approval program in Beijing. So far, the district has completed the establishment of the online approval system and 210 administrative approvals of 31 local government departments have been included in this system.

The first batch of 25 administrative approvals of ten departments, including the Rural Affairs Committee, the Bureau of Commerce, and the Culture Commission of Chaoyang district, now can be directly handled online. Enterprises such as animal clinics, cinemas, and talent agencies can hand in their relevant files via the Internet to gain their business licenses.

In addition, the approval period of enterprises registration will be greatly shortened from the current average of 55 days to 12 days in the future.

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