Shanghai Shortens CRO Shipment Time With Express Customs Clearance

The pharmaceutical contract research organization Sundia MediTech Company and two other CRO companies based in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai report that the customs clearance time for CRO shipments has been shortened from three days to one day on average after implementing Express Customs Clearance on a trial basis a month ago.

In light of the rapid growth of the CRO industry in China, the government is paying more attention to creating an attractive environment for the operation of CRO companies in the country. Because the timing of CRO shipments is critical for successful CRO operations, on June 22, Shanghai Pudong Customs, Pudong International Airport Customs, and the Zhangjiang Group selected Sundia and two other CRO companies from Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park for a trial operation of Express Clearance, which implements various measures to speed up customs clearance processes.

Meanwhile, as part of the effort, trained customer service professionals at Shanghai Customs have been assigned to assist CRO companies to ensure a smooth declaration and clearance process. This new customs clearance model will be implemented for more CRO companies after the successful trial.

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