China Energy Recovery Completes CNY9.8 Million Export Order To Malaysia

China Energy Recovery has announced that the company has completed the installation of a biomass boiler system valued at CNY9.8 million for EKO-PP Paper Mill — the first paper mill to utilize palm shell to produce pulp and paper in Malaysia.

The system will utilize the massive volume of palm shell waste from the pulp-making process as fuel for combustion to generate steam to power turbines and generate electricity. The design power generation capacity is 3MW.

This not only helps address the need to treat palm shell waste and solves the associated environmental issues, but also turns it into a type of economically sound bio-fuel.

Qinghuan Wu, the chairman and CEO of China Energy Recovery, commented that this was the company's first biomass boiler system to export out of China. He added that though they are continuing to concentrate on waste heat energy recovery, their strong technological and engineering capabilities have enabled them to expand into other relevant alternative energy and energy efficiency market segments both inside China and overseas.Wu said he sees great opportunities for biomass fuels in developing countries such as those in southeastern Asia.

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