China Sun Group Reports On Progress Of New "Green Battery" Product

China Sun Group High-Tech recently announced that the first batch of its new-generation battery products are in production following successful trials of its latest innovation, lithium iron phosphate.

China Sun Group through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Dalian Xinyang High-Tech Development Company, has the second largest cobalt series production capacity in China today provided an update on the progress. A next generation 'green' power source, lithium iron phosphate was developed by DLX for use in batteries that power eco-friendly vehicles such as electric cars, hybrids, and scooters.

The first batch of lithium iron phosphate energy products came out of DLX's production line in April 2009. The product successfully completed testing by two leading enterprises in the domestic power battery production industry, Shenzhen Shanshu Power Battery Technology Company and Zhangzhou Youke Energy Company. These companies are now performing natural decay testing to determine the charge quality of batteries made with DLX's lithium iron phosphate product.

The CEO of China Sun Group, Bin Wang, commented that in little over a month, DLX had signed sample testing agreements with eight enterprises in Shandong Zaozhuang, Hai Ba, Beijing Zhongke, Sha'anxi, and in other major Chinese provinces. He added that these enterprises represent their core market for using the new eco-friendly lithium iron phosphate material. Following testing, DLX plans to begin mass marketing its product domestically.

The city council of Dalian, where DLX is headquartered, has determined that Dalian will act as pilot city for new energy powered cars.

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