Alluma Tech Opens New Facility In China

Alluma Tech, a company specializing in illuminated technologies for displays, point of purchase signs, and other merchandising activities, recently announced that its Rocus USA Manufacturing Group has opened a new state of the art LED sign production facility in Wujong.

The facility will be used to manufacture the company's entire Lite Tech line of energy efficient LED products.

The new facility consists of multiple buildings that span around 30,000 square meters on one campus. The layout accommodates all stages of production, vertically integrated from the LED diode through all component parts and into overseas bulk shipping. Final UL electrical assembly, packing and shipping will take place at the Rocus USA plant in Oceanside, California. According to Mike Nissen, the president of Alluma Tech, this will result in a new standard for industry leading quality assurance.

The LED plant equipment includes CNC PC Board assembly, wave soldering, precision laser cutting for plastics and metal, precision vacuum thermoforming, automatic screen printing, and six lines of LED sign assembly. The equipment is flexible to make both standard size signs as well as dominator LED signs ten feet long. The capacity is over 150,000 signs per year.

Ray Starsiak, the executive vice president of Alluma Tech said that there are many claims of LED products achieving light as bright as neon illumination. However he added that they will last at that level of brightness for 6 to 12 or 18 months and their clients expectation is for LED signs to stay bright as long as fluorescent and neon illuminated signs. He explained that the company's research and development of this product line is focused on sustainable brightness with more efficient power transformation and mixing neon tube phosphors with screening ink to increase brightness.

Lite Tech LED products are said to offer energy savings of from 40% to 50% and packaging and distribution costs are also reduced.

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