California Company Relocates Plant To U.S. From China

In an unusual switch of locale, a California-based manufacturer of laboratory equipment, CP Lab Safety, has announced that it has begun manufacturing its line of more than 80 products in the United States — after producing its goods in China for more than seven years.

CP Lab Safety CEO Kelly Farhangi stated that the company was proud to have its Safety Ecological Funnel – and all of its other product lines — imprinted with "Made in America" once again. He added that they were particularly pleased that they were able to bring the manufacturing closer to home in the Bay Area of California.

According to Farhangi, the move to manufacture in the U.S. not only saves money and increases the company's efficiency, but it also ensures that their customers continue to receive the highest quality laboratory safety products available.

CP Lab Safety has returned its manufacturing to the U.S. because of a more favorable business and manufacturing climate in the U.S. now than seven years ago, when it originally moved its manufacturing offshore. The company’s product molds were shipped from China to the U.S. in March 2009, and manufacturing of its new inventory began in April 2009 at Wright Engineered Plastics Inc. in Santa Rosa.

CP Lab Safety, formerly California Pacific Lab Safety, has supplied environmentally friendly laboratory safety products to the scientific and industrial world for more than 13 years. Its lead product, ECO Funnel, is used on common laboratory waste containers to prevent hazardous and toxic chemicals from polluting laboratories and threatening the health of laboratory workers.

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