Kyocera Breaks Ground For New PV Plant In China

Kyocera Corporation has announced the construction of a new solar module manufacturing plant in Tianjin to expand the production capacity of Kyocera Tianjin Solar Energy Company.

The opening the new plant is timed to align the production capacity of solar modules with the increase in production of solar cells which Kyocera is set to expand to 650MW by March, 2012. Manufacturing modules mainly for the Asian market, the target production capacity of Kyocera Tianjin Solar will be bolstered to the eventual goal of 240MW from 2011, an increase to four times the current capacity of 60MW.

Construction of the new manufacturing plant will begin in April, with completion scheduled for spring of 2010. Upon completion of the new plant, all Kyocera Tianjin Solar manufacturing operations will subsequently be transferred to the new facility.

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