China's SkyPeople Introduces Large-scale Production Of Mulberry Juice

Xian-based SkyPeople Fruit Juice, a processor and manufacturer of concentrated apple, kiwifruit, pear and other fruit juices and fruit products in China, has commenced the large-scale production of concentrated mulberry juice at the company's Jingyang facility.

SkyPeople is one of the first companies to initiate large-scale production of concentrated mulberry juice in China. Since the harvest season for mulberries is only between April and May, and fresh mulberries are difficult to store for long periods, domestic mulberry juice production has historically been limited to the second quarter of every calendar year. However, based on its proprietary mulberry storage technology, SkyPeople is capable of storing mulberries for at least 12 months, allowing for year round manufacturing. Currently, SkyPeople is capable of producing concentrated mulberry juice at a rate of up to 1,000 tons per year.

Mulberries are widely regarded as one of the most nutritionally valuable fruits available to consumers. They possess rich active proteins, vitamins, amino acids, carotenes, and a variety of essential minerals. Compared with other fruits, the concentration of nutrients in mulberries is stated to be six times greater than that of apples and over four times greater than that of grapes.

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